Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Transferring An Outlook Calendar

In case you completely depend on Outlook calendar, and are planning to move to a new computer, you probably would need to transfer the same. There is nothing more tedious than setting up Outlook calendar all over from scratch. It does not take much time when you transfer the information present in the Outlook calendar alone. You can start by testing OmniTech Support services and using any of their helpline numbers.

Instructions To Support Outlook Calendar Transfer

  • You need a storage media to save files, hence utilize a USB drive for the same. 
  • Open the application, click File, Open & Export and then Import/Export. 
  • Select Export To A File and then click on Next. 
  • Click on Outlook Data File (.PST), and then click on Next. Click on Calendar and then click on Next. 
  • To select the USB drive as the location to save the files, click on Browse, give a Name for the calendar that you are about to save, and then click on Ok. 
  • Click on Finish. 
  • Next, you have an option to enter a Password to keep it protected. Click on Ok. 
  • Remove the USB drive and plug into the new computer. 
  • Open the Outlook application on the new computer. 
  • Click on File, Open & Export, and then click on Import/Export. 
  • Select the option Import From Another Program Or File to import Outlook calendar from the USB drive. Click on Next. 
  • Click on the option Outlook Data File (.PST) followed by a click on Next. 
  • Click on Browse option and then select the file that has the calendar backup on the USB drive. Double Click on the file and then click on Next. 
  • Now you have to click on Calendar and then select the Import Items Into The Same Folder In option. You will also have to select the Email Account for which you are transferring the calendar. 
  • The last step is to click on Finish. 
It would have been a backbreaking process if there were no option that would support Outlook calendar. It is good that Outlook has such features that make our work simple and easy. This is one of the reasons for people to choose Outlook, which is regardless of the number of Outlook problems.
The above steps to transfer Outlook calendar is tested and proved to be one of the easiest methods after testing OmniTech support services.

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