Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Enable Speech Recognition In Windows XP

Have you ever heard about speech recognition? Just as you’d have guessed, it recognizes the user’s speech. But how can this be used if Windows XP has no speech recognition enabled? Let us find out how speech recognition can be implemented in XP. You can also seek assistance by contacting the Microsoft Help and support team.


To avail speech recognition, you need to have Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Word 2002 installed on your computer.
To make your computer recognize your voice in the first instance, the speech recognition profile settings need to be set up. For that select the Start button on the desktop, and click on Control Panel, and then select Speech.  Choose Speech Recognition, and you need to choose a profile that can be configured under Recognition profiles. Once this is done, select Settings.
Using the sliders, configure Pronunciation sensitivity and Accuracy vs. Recognition Response Time. The pronunciation slider can be kept at high and the errors would be low, but the chances of commands getting rejected would be more. If the slider is kept at low, you will have the opposite effect. The accuracy slider can be set to Low/Fast for ease of processing.
You may return to the Speech Recognition tab by selecting OK. Navigate to Recognition Profiles and choose Train Profile, and this would improve the accuracy of your program. You can collect samples by following the Voice Training Wizard prompts.
The Microphone settings can be configured. The microphone can be tested and configured by following the Microphone wizard.
In the Control Panel select Regional and Language Options and select Language, and then Details. Select Speech Recognition when Text Services and Input Language opens. Select Installed Services in Speech Recognition, and select Properties.
Select the Advanced tab, and this would help you to plan the way in which the speech recognition engine and Windows XP would interact. Put a check mark against Extend support of advanced text services to all programs. You may restart the computer and once it turns on, you will find a Language Bar icon on your desktop.
Following the above instructions, you can set up speech recognition in Windows XP without any difficulty. If still you find it difficult to set up speech recognition, contact the Microsoft Help and Support team for assistance.