Monday, June 16, 2014

About The Windows 8 Help And Support Feature

On October 26th of 2012, Microsoft released their latest operating system Windows 8, which brought some radical changes to the computer industry by completely redefining the user interface of the operating system. With Windows 8, Microsoft revamped their user interface to a tile based design by ditching their age-old icon based design. It was this new design that attracted people to the operating system. The operating system also included support for all the new technologies in the market like USB 3.0, Advanced Hard drive formats and Near Field Communications.

Even though market researchers say that the operating system could not achieve the success of its predecessor, according to the details we were able to procure from Windows online support website, Microsoft has managed to sell about 100 million copies of the operating system worldwide. The best feature of the operating system is that it included new security features like UEFI secure boot, inbuilt antivirus software and Microsoft smart screen. However, with added support services and features, it is obvious that the operating system will have more bugs and troubles.

Well, there is nothing to be worried about the bugs and issues with the Windows 8 operating system, as you can get help from the Windows 8 help and support team in such cases. Windows online support center allows the users to get support for all of their issues with the operating system. There is no need to get online support in the first place, as there is an inbuilt help and support program in the operating system. You can launch the help and support program by pressing the F1 key in the keyboard or by clicking on its icon present in the Start menu.

The program is categorized into three main sections, Get Started, Internet & Network and Security Privacy & Accounts. The first section has basic information on how to use the Windows 8 operating system, like installing new programs in the operating system, using keyboard and mouse with the computer etc. in the second section, the program gives us information on creating and connecting the system to networks or other computers over a network.

The third section provides users information on how to create a strong password and manager their computers free from viruses and malwares. In short, a user can fix almost all types of issues by getting help from the Windows help and support.