Thursday, December 20, 2012

Equip Windows Media Player With .Amz MP3 Support

Windows media player is a multimedia player that comes along with the Windows operating system. It’s designed to play files of different audio and video formats.  However, in order to play the music acquired from Amazon a different format will have to be used in this player, which is known to be the “.Amz” Mp3 format. Just like other players in the market, Amazon also knows that Windows media player is the one that’s liked and used by many computer users across the world. This forced Amazon to release a free program that is capable of converting the tracks purchased from it to the .AMZ file format that’s compatible with the Windows Media Player. A user doesn’t have to buy third party software to do this job as the program designed by the Amazon is considered to be the best. The following instructions shaped up by the Windows online support and research panel will equip your Windows media player with the required file format.


For previously downloaded Amazon MP3s
Bring on the Windows Media Player from the startup menu and access the "File" tab.
Then go for the "Open" or "Open folder" tab.
Enter the words "Amazon MP3" in to the search box and pick out the folder with the title "Amazon MP3".
Now just open up the folder and click on the particular track that you wish to hear on your Windows media player.
For future Amazon MP3 purchases
Get the “Amazon MP3 Downloader” by going to the "Resources" menu in a Windows installed computer.
Type in the Amazon account credentials and log in to the account.
Now enter the name of the artist or band or may be the song’s name that you wish to hear and download.  Later get to the "Buy Album" or "Buy MP3" tabs to attain the songs that you require.
Hang around until the Amazon downloader finishes the task and then bring on the “Windows Media player”.
Now scroll to the library of your Widows media player to play the track or tracks that you’ve downloaded just now.
Windows media player is a treat to all the music lovers so is the support structure put in place for the average user of Microsoft products. Windows online support panel is equipped to resolve all the issues in a Windows media player, so just drop a call to avail assistance to fix your WMP.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Troubleshoot Problems with the functioning of Windows 7 and Google chrome

To ensure good performance, compatibility between the web browser and the operating system is very essential. Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers used by quite a large number of people. If you have Windows 7 as your operating system and you use Google chrome for browsing, then it is possible that you would have experienced some problems with it. The malfunctioning of Google Chrome with Windows 7 could be due to a number of reasons such as malware, corrupted user profile, adware that restrict the functioning of the two or incorrect browser settings.
Given below are some troubleshooting methods to fix the Windows 7 and Google chrome problems:

Wrench options:
You can use the wrench option available with Google chrome web browser to diagnose the browser problem. To figure out the issue, take a look at the following steps.
Select Wrench and then click on Options. Next select Basics for changing the basic settings and then Personal Stuff for changing theme, password and auto-fill. Now select, Under the Hood to check the advanced options and then choose Content Settings for making changes to the display of web page contents of Google Chrome as well as plug-ins, cookies and JavaScript and so on. Now, select Clear Browser Settings. Make sure that you examine all the boxes in the Privacy section to clear your browsing history. Close the browser when you’re done and then, to make all the modifications effective restart your settings.

The operations of your Windows 7 and Google Chrome can be interrupted by spyware, malware and other malicious software. Install an efficient antivirus program that can thoroughly scan your system. If you do not have an effective malware remover, then get the help of computer services to do the same. To remove malware, adware, Trojans, key loggers and other worms that can disrupt the normal functioning of your system, use programs that are specifically designed for this purpose. Restart your system after having deleted all suspicious files.
And that is how you can troubleshoot Windows 7 and Google Chrome problems. Even after following these tips, if you still find it difficult to resolve the compatibility issues, then it would be best to get expert technical assistance in this regard.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Guidelines for using Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Live meeting software is one of the most used software in the business industry. They are used for conferencing with business people located at different places using the Internet. Many software companies produce Live meeting software. Microsoft is also a marketing conferencing software and the name of the software is Microsoft Office Live meeting. This software as per Microsoft is a Microsoft Chat software for conference. This software uses the internet as the medium to allow the users to engage in Video conference.
The most efficient way to host a meeting is through a video conferencing software like Microsoft Office Live Meeting. This software allows multiple users to participate in a meeting using video conference without needing to be in the same room. This software is perfect for business people who needs to contact a group of people in different areas on short notice.

1. Install Microsoft Office Live Meeting from the CD or the downloaded setup file. In case you don’t have the software and need to join a meeting, download the software directly from the invitation email. To host the meeting you need the software installed.
2. After the Installation is complete, click on the link in the invitation email. This will cause to launch the software and connect to the host. You need to make sure that that host is online.
3. To host a meeting, open the software and click on the Meet Now button. You can send invitation to different users by clicking on the invite option in the Attendees menu. Type in the email address of the users you wish to invite and click the Send button.
4. You can also schedule Live meeting in the software. Use the schedule option to enter the email address and time for the meeting. The software will schedule the meeting in the calendar and send the invitation to the entered email addresses.
5. You can share different files during the meeting. You can do it using the share button. You can share the files to a single user or all the users.
6. There is also an option for selecting the mode of chat. If you want the normal Microsoft chat which uses text only, you can disable the video and audio in the options. There is also options for audio only and video only. Combined video and audio mode is also possible with required hardware.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tips on Summoning Windows 8 Help & Troubleshooter

Windows 8 is the latest Gun from Microsoft. Microsoft has packed this gun with a lot of armaments that are new to the software world. Windows 8 is the latest platform in the Windows series. This version only comes x64 or 64-bit architecture. The size and the requirements of the OS have increased a lot compared to Windows 7. To say precisely, Windows 8 requires twice the minimum configuration required for Windows 7.
There are a lot of changes in Windows 8 compared to its predecessor. All the reviews made are based on Windows 8 Beta version for developers and testers. The changes can be seen from boot. The boot loader is different, but an upgraded version of Windows 7. The Desktop consists of a lot of changes, very simple ones. But Microsoft has retained a lot of characteristics from the Windows 7 Desktop. Start Menu is totally changed with more comfort ability for touch users. Windows now consist of a Ribbon pane on top which consists of a lot of shortcuts and utilities. With the elegant Tech Support provided by Microsoft, Windows 8 will be able to hit the top spots on the Market, maybe even break records in sales.
More on Windows 8
The Error solving Troubleshooters and User guides with Help option is a lot advanced in the new Windows platform. Even they have only given a glimpse of some parts in Windows 8, Troubleshooter and Help option is supposed to have less changes in final version compared to the beta version. The troubleshooter and Help option has a lot of changes from the old version. With the help guide most of the changes are Minor except for contents. In case of Troubleshooter, the changes are major. They have upgraded the Troubleshooter to a very good extend and is capable of solving even major issues on its own. Opening Troubleshooter is very easy in Windows 8 and the process is very similar to Windows 7. To summon troubleshooter you just have to right click on action center icon in the system tray and click on Troubleshoot a Problem. You can open Windows 8 help from start menu or Control Panel or just by pressing F1 or Function key 1 button. Option for acquiring Tech Support via Internet is available with the Troubleshooter.
You can check it out in the Beta version or wait for the release option. Anyway Windows 8 is an awesome platform.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Review Support Omni Tech

Having obtained and mounted new MS office 2010, you experience elevated regarding using it regarding managing documents in PDF formats, integrating web video tutorials in PowerPoint presentations, giving & archiving emails in Microsoft windows Outlook, or merely printing files etc. However, how does this help a person? Your computer can be crashing or simply showing miscalculation messages despite the fact that starting up or perhaps accessing documents and photograph slides during PowerPoint. But absolutely nothing to avail, therefore what's subsequent? You will undoubtedly contact your neighborhood vendor or perhaps tech-savvy friend and fix the matter. If you are functioning late to get college or simply office for the important achieving, you will get away from everything in front of them and hurry. But the problem will not likely leave you regardless wherever that you are; it will retain storming your mind.

Though not anymore, even as we have helped bring you a comprehensive online technical support guide that is going to help you get reliable, instant MS tech support that will remotely solutions your challenges on the internet. Who seem too had thought that an apparatus like web would at any time help us receive computing complications fixed along at the comfort of the house? But without a doubt, it's true, plus the best thing is basically get help support from certified professionals that fix most of your research issues on line until as well as unless you will find a hardware failure problem.

There are lots of third-party repair shops that offer round-the-clock on the web technical support to people across the globe in their respective time zones. So maybe you are a new user or an active user going through problems with MS office 2010 selection, your immediate Microsoft technical support is just a call away. Not counting the toll-free phone service, there's an instant conversation option available too for people so that they can acquire their problems mounted from whichever place they've already access to the internet.

These kinds of support companies are designed to meet a broad variety of users like professionals, employees, students, small establishments, and big corporation houses etcetera. The sales of online tech support services is gaining push as consumers want their problems to be taken care of along at the comfort of their residence without caught and wasting time and money. Any affordability, availability, and competition of such expertise have made them all extremely popular among the consumers.

MS itself provides technical support provider for its goods. However, it wouldn't entertain concerns related to your laptop, laptop, computer software, computer virus removal, hubs, wireless on the web connectivity, and non-computer products etc. Even so, these third-party agencies would not mainly provide dedicated Microsoft tech support but also assist for above mentioned computing issues. Therefore, these kinds of service providers help you save from wasting time and money and also enhance your processing and net experience with the prices possibly lower than Milliseconds and Dell and so on.

V tech-squad provides a special shell for trouble shooting all your Microsoft windows Product Concerns including Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP, Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003, Microsoft windows Internet Explorer 9/8/7/6 Concerns.

W tech-squad Inc. is often a leading professional of on the web computer assistance, virus removals, and home media support, mobile phone support, together with iPads service. V tech-squad incorporates a team with certified techs who cumulatively have an overabundance than 100 years of experience in desktop help support.