Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guide To Boot Windows Vista Machine In Safe Mode

Safe Mode is really useful in fixing issues with drivers and applications that shows some errors while trying to launch. If the problem you are facing is not appearing when you start your machine in safe mode, then you can easily resolve the issues by removing the device drivers or making modification in the default settings. Booting in Safe mode allows the system to start up avoiding unnecessary applications and programs. Sometimes the problems start to show up after you install any new software program on your system, if that is the case then start your computer in Safe Mode and remove the particular program that causing problems.
Besides this, safe mode is considered as the diagnostics mode of windows operating systems, which enables only minimum number of drivers and system services, so you can easily spot out the issues related to hardware and software malfunction. In safe mode a standard video driver gets loaded, but it has only a limited resolution, so you may experience a drop in the clarity.
You will find this article very helpful, if you don’t know how to boot a system in Safe mode. The below instructions from the Windows Vista Help panel are crisp and clear to guide you for the above task.
Before starting the procedure, make sure that nothing is there in your DVD ROM.
Now turn on your Windows Vista machine. If you have multiple operating systems on your system, then you are prompted to choose the one you wish to continue. Then you need to select the Windows Vista operating system. If there is only one operating system installed on your system, you can skip this step.
After choosing the Windows Vista operating system, press and hold the F8 key on your keyboard, while the system is starting up.
If you fail to perform the above step before the windows logo appears, then you need to start the process from beginning again.
Now select Safe Mode as the booting option from the new screen by using your keyboard arrow keys.
For fixing problems, you need to login to any one of the user accounts that has got the administrative privileges.
If your windows vista system opened in safe mode, you can easily understand it from the word safe mode that appears at the corner of your screen.
 That’s all about booting your Windows Vista operating system in safe mode. Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bringing Back The Factory Settings In Windows Vista Machine

The system restore feature in Windows Vista computer is an option that one can use to return the system to its default settings. The System Restore is an option that has been incorporated in most Windows operating systems. Even though this feature was released in 2000 along with the Windows ME operating system, Microsoft brought in the stable version of system restore feature in Windows 7 computers. However, the system restore feature in the Windows Vista operating system is just as effective and has a user-friendly interface as well as a performance which is similar to Windows 7. This feature is often called up to service when something goes wrong with the Windows machine, especially when your system is overrun by certain malware or viruses. When files have been irreparably damaged, doing a system restore will restore the settings to a date before the system lost the valuable data.  A user will have to create a restore point to help out this feature to restore files back to Windows Vista computer. Restore points can be referred to a flag point in a point of time when your computer was working perfectly. Executing the system restore involves selecting the restore point to which you want to set your system. These Windows Vista help instructions should help you perform a system restore without much fuss.
Unleash the startup menu by clicking on the "Start" tab placed on the taskbar on your Windows desktop. This tab cab be easily identified as it is having a windows symbol imposed it.
From the startup menu go for the "All Programs" tab to make way for the folder that is labeled like "Accessories".
Now pick out the "System Tools" tab and then click on the "System Restore" tab twice with your optical mouse.
Tag along the "Continue" tab to bring up the "User Account Control" window which holds the "System Restore" tab.
Pick out the radio tab that is placed adjacent to "Choose a different restore point" and click on "Next" to reveal all the restore points available.
Access the "Show restores points later than five days" tab.
Select the earliest available restore point and opt for the "Next" tab.
Trigger the "Finish" tab to wind up the course of action.
For more details regarding system restore and other errors, feel free to avail the service of the Windows Vista help and support team.