Thursday, February 21, 2013

How To change Microsoft Publisher & Word Icons In Windows?

Microsoft’s Windows operating systems is well equipped with several features and tools, using which one can give an attractive and classy look to their desktop screen. No doubt, you will surely get bored after seeing the same icons and color combinations for a long time. To avoid this, it’s better to change these icons and color patterns after several days of use. If you don’t how to change the shortcut icons in Windows, then the below pointers, provided by the Microsoft Help teams, will help you to become a professional at this.
By creating short icons, you can easily reach the particular application by simply double-clicking the corresponding icon. This is a useful feature, if you wish to open a particular program for several times a day. Nonetheless, it’s also possible to change these shortcut icons, in order to distinguish similar looking icons. Almost all versions of Windows operating system include a Windows internal icon list.
How to Change Microsoft Word icon?
Turn on your system and locate the Microsoft Word shortcut icon on your desktop screen, and right-click on it. This will bring up a context menu with Properties option it.
Now click on the Properties tab, and then select the Shortcut option. This opens up a new window showing the current settings.
For changing the icon, you need to trigger the Change Icon tab. Now you’ll be able to view the list of available icons. For choosing an icon, click on it and then click OK.
You can also select icons from the Windows internal list. To obtain this list, click on the Browse button located in the upper part of the Current settings window.
Now go to the following directory: C:\Windows\System32 and select the folder with caption shell32.dll. When finished, click Open. Now you can view a new window, with a list of Windows Internal icons in it.
Choose the one you like by simply clicking on it, followed by hitting the Ok button. Now close all the windows and check whether the Microsoft Word icon is changed or not.
You can follow the same procedure for changing the Microsoft Publisher icon. If you encounter any error or issue while trying to change icons by following the above instructions, then contact the Microsoft Help teams for further help.
For more tech related assistance, please visit the tech resource websites under Microsoft.