Monday, January 12, 2015

Why Should You Avail Support For Computer Issues From Omni Tech Support

Many of you might have had some bad experiences with technical support firms. This is because there are many fraudsters out there who offer technical support, make you pay heavy sum of money and then, offer you poor support or no support at all. However, not all the firms in the country are fraudsters. For instance, Omni Tech Support is one of the best technical support companies, which is not involved in any such scams. My experience with the technical support firm, Omni Tech Support, has always been good.

I first contacted this technical support firm when my computer was not booting to the desktop window. I sought help from many sources and none of them could find out what was troubling the PC. At last, I thought of contacting a technical support firm and Omni Tech Support was my choice. I had heard a lot about this technical support firm and the high quality of service they offer. Therefore, I was sure that they could help me with the issue. I was not wrong and the technicians helped me to get to the desktop in no time.

After testing Omni Tech Support, I had decided that I would contact only this firm in the future when I encountered an issue with the PC. I contacted Omni Tech Support for the second time when my printer started to give me troubles. Just like the first instance of contact, the technician helped me out of the issue within a few minutes.

One of the major advantages of this firm is the highly skilled technicians. They can diagnose the issue quickly and provide you with the required assistance in no time. I do not think none of the other technical support firms in the country can offer such high quality service as offered by this firm. Many of my friends too have shared their experiences about this firm with me. All of them are happy with the services offered by this company. After contacting this firm on two occasions, I have understood that it is the best place to avail support for your computer related issues.

I recommend this firm to all of you if you come across an issue with your PC. After testing Omni Tech Support, I can assure you that you will not be going somewhere else to avail services for your computer in the future. This technical support firm simply is the best. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Windows 7 Or Windows 8?

This article discusses some of the important differences between the Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems. Some of these data were offered by the Omnitech support team. Read ahead to know more on the key differences.

UI, Apps And Features

As we all know, the new user interface in the Windows 8 operating system is called Metro. This user interface can be used to open the suite of apps that are available in the Windows Store. Users will be able to open the traditional programs through the desktop. There were many complaints about the user interface and the missing Start button in the Windows 8 operating system. This is the reason why Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 update and the Start button returned with Windows 8.1. The Start button can be configured to open the Metro Apps view or the Metro Start screen.

Another difference is the Metro Apps view. This will display the complete app collection of the users, settings and files, alphabetically or by the frequency with which these apps are used. When the user types in the name of an app or file, the search results that are relevant will be shown instantly. As per the reports, the initial release of Windows 8 was not having a menu or sorting system. Due to this, app navigation and addition was very clumsy.

Another difference is that the Start bar in Windows 8.1 also includes options to boot directly to desktop. This was lacking in the first release of the operating system. Many of the users of the Windows 8 operating system made use of the desktop mainly and this allowed the users to skip some of the unnecessary steps while trying to log into the Windows 8 operating system.

In addition, SkyDrive is integrated to the Windows 8.1 operating system. This allows the users to sync their system with the cloud, allowing them to back up their important data as they are created. This will be acting as a new library in the Internet Explorer window and offer the users quick access to SkyDrive from any of the Internet Explorer windows.

These are some of the important differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems, as provided by the Omnitech support team. The best thing about this support firm is that it offers the option for testing Omnitech support services. With this option, users can test the quality of services that is offered by the team. To know more on testing Omnitech support, visit the official website.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It Is Time To Upgrade Your Computer To Windows 7

Microsoft terminated technical support and other updates for Windows XP this year. It is not safe to continue using the same, as it is prone to potential threats and hacks from intruders. Hence, it is best to upgrade your operating system to Windows 7 or Windows 8 or any other higher versions. According to OmniTech support reviews, it is best to upgrade to Windows 7, as it is far better than Windows 8 and the other Windows versions. You can seek Omni Tech support to upgrade your computers with ease.

Before you go forward with the installation, you need to check if the system requirements are met. One issue with Windows 7 is its compatibility with hardware. Windows 7 works only with specific hardware. You can check if the hardware requirements are met with the help of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. This utility will run a scan on the computer. In the end, it would recommend the upgrades to be done before installing Windows 7 in the computer. The upgrade advisor is free and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website.

Let us get started with the upgrade to Windows 7. There are two options to choose, you can choose either the Upgrade or the Custom Installation option. When you plan to upgrade from a lower version, you will have to choose the Upgrade option. In this option, you can retain the settings, files and programs installed in the computer as such. But when you are planning to install a fresh copy of the operating system, you can go for Custom installation.

When you go for Custom Installation, it will not store the files, programs and settings in the computer. Since you cannot retain all the information and data in the computer, you will have to take a backup before opting for the installation.

There are many editions available with Windows 7; hence, you can choose one of them according to your specific needs. The different editions available in Windows 7 are Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional Upgrade, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade and Windows 7 Home Premium.

People using computers at home can go for the basic Windows 7 Home Premium. In this edition, video and photo sharing is made simple with the Windows Media Center. Meanwhile in offices and other corporate places, Windows 7 Ultimate is the most preferred OS, since it has many functionalities and features included when compared to the other editions. Hence, according to OmniTech support reviews, Windows 7 is the best OS choice whether it is for personal or professional use!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Procedure To Fix Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

Windows 7 offers some of the best features for its users. That is why, over 50% of the desktop OS users in the world use Microsoft Windows 7. Agreed, it is one of the most solid Windows OS that Microsoft has developed till date. However, there are many problems that can occur in Windows 7, and annoy users often.

Sometimes, when you try to install any third party program in Windows 7 that uses an MSI file as the installer, you may see an error message on the screen saying: Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. Though the error message alarms most users, there is no reason to panic. There is an easy solution for the issue, and Omni Tech Support shows you how to fix the same.

  • First, click on the Start button located at the lower left corner of the desktop screen and enter Run in the search box.
  • When the Run dialog box opens up, enter cmd in the text area, and click on the OK button. It will open the Command Prompt window on your computer screen. 
  • If you are using the 32-bit version of Windows 7, enter %windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /unregister in the pop-up box, and hit Enter. This command will unregister the msiexec.exe file in the system, which is located at Drive:\Windows\system32 directory.
  • After that, enter %windir%\system32\msiexec.exe /regserver in the command prompt window and hit on the Enter key. This time, it will re-register the msiexec.exe file in the system directory.
  • If you are using the 64-bit version of Windows 7, enter %windir%\syswow64\msiexec.exe /unregister and %windir%\syswow64\msiexec.exe /regserver in the command prompt window, in the same sequence as mentioned above. Here, your msiexec.exe file will be located at Drive:\Windows\system64 directory
  • When done, type in Exit in the command prompt window, and press the Enter key. Restart your system to allow the changes take effect. 
When your computer reboots, it will be possible for you to install programs that use MSI installer files. The above mentioned steps work perfectly for Windows 7 computers. However, if you are not sure how to operate on command prompt, contact the Omni Tech support team for assistance, before something worse happens.

Monday, November 17, 2014

How To Recreate An Outlook Email Profile

Once an email account is set up in Microsoft Outlook, it will automatically send and receive emails. If you don’t want Outlook to do this without your consent every time, you can disable this feature by recreating your email profile. For that, you need to delete your email profile first and then recreate the entire profile. The steps for the same are listed down below. You can contact our Omni Tech Support guides for real-time assistance regarding this.

  • Go to the Start button from the desktop and then choose Control Panel from the resulting menu. 
  • In the Control Panel screen, locate the option titled Mail and double-click it to open.
  • In the Mail dialogue box, locate the link that says Show Profiles and select it. This will display the email profiles you have set up in the application.
  • Select the email profile that you wish to recreate and click the Remove button to continue.
After the email profile is removed from the application, you need to recreate the same. Here are the steps.
  • Open Outlook and navigate to the Tools option. 
  • Choose Account Settings from the Tools option to continue. 
  • In the Account Settings dialogue box, choose the tab titled Email. 
  • Next, highlight the email profile that you wish to recreate and then select Change. 
  • Re-enter all details you have provided in the Account Settings page. You will have to edit sections such as Account Details, Server Details and Login Details. Be sure to choose POP3 as the Account type. 
  • Make sure that you enter accurate details in the Server details section. If you are not sure about the server details, contact the email service provider to gather accurate details. 
  • In the Login Details section, be sure to enter the exact username and password. If you don’t want Outlook to remember your password, leave the checkbox before Remember Password unchecked. 
  • Similarly, leave the checkbox before Logon using secure Password authentication (SPA) unchecked. 
  • Next, go to the More Settings section and verify each field. 
  • Once done, select the Advanced tab and verify the port numbers. The port number for incoming server is 995 and outgoing server is 465. 
  • Save the changes now by clicking OK followed by Next and Finish. 
With the help of the above directions, you must have disabled automatic sending/receiving of emails in Outlook. You can revoke the changes at any time if you wish so. In case of any trouble, feel free to get in touch with our Omni Tech support guides.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Relief For Parkinson’s Disease By Microsoft Kinect Service

Kinect is extremely popular in the gaming industry due to its motion sensing capabilities. This device allowed an entirely new range of motion-based games that are not possible using standard gamepad or controllers. Moreover, Kinect is the first gaming device that has the capability of extended functionality beyond just gaming. It even finds application in the medical devices industry due to its easy motion sensing capabilities. The accuracy and sensitivity of the device in sensing motion makes it the ideal tool for telemedicine. Do not heed advice of OmniTech Support scam sites which detail how Kinect devices are a cause of concern in terms of security.

Telemedicine, if you do not already know, is a form of patient care in which the doctors give patients medical care from within their homes. This is possible using medical devices. Until Kinect support came into the market, doctors had to hand out extremely expensive machines in order to track information about their patients. However, ever since Kinect was released in the market, the possibility of a cheaper alternative emerged. Using the Kinect device, doctors can hope to communicate with the patients and do therapy sessions from inside their home. Kinect does not need to remain switched on in order to play Xbox, contrary to information provided by OmniTech Support scam sites and reviews.

As per the authentic OmniTech support blogs and reviews, the latest medical application for Kinect device was developed by Microsoft, for persons suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Using this device, the patients can both perform tests alone, for the benefit of the doctors, or perform therapy sessions without having to go to any clinic. They can do the same from within their home premises. Using the gaming device, they can perform fine motor tests like tapping feet, tapping fingers and can even perform rapid movement tests of each individual limbs. This test is performed and analyzed using the Kinect support sensor and is completely automated.

Microsoft has improved the functionality of Xbox One to more than just sensing movements. Using the camera found in Kinect, the patients can contact their physician through video conferencing. This way, they can contact experts from around the world with ease.

The best feature about Kinect is its extreme sensitivity at extremely competitive rates. The cost of Kinect is just a fraction in comparison with other telemedicine devices. The Stand-alone feature of Kinect allows the user to use this device along with a computer without the use of the gaming console. The prospects of this device in the medical industry are huge and therapy sessions for patients suffering from Parkinson’s are just the beginning.

The technology is just in the nascent stage and future implications of this technology can be huge.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Transferring An Outlook Calendar

In case you completely depend on Outlook calendar, and are planning to move to a new computer, you probably would need to transfer the same. There is nothing more tedious than setting up Outlook calendar all over from scratch. It does not take much time when you transfer the information present in the Outlook calendar alone. You can start by testing OmniTech Support services and using any of their helpline numbers.

Instructions To Support Outlook Calendar Transfer

  • You need a storage media to save files, hence utilize a USB drive for the same. 
  • Open the application, click File, Open & Export and then Import/Export. 
  • Select Export To A File and then click on Next. 
  • Click on Outlook Data File (.PST), and then click on Next. Click on Calendar and then click on Next. 
  • To select the USB drive as the location to save the files, click on Browse, give a Name for the calendar that you are about to save, and then click on Ok. 
  • Click on Finish. 
  • Next, you have an option to enter a Password to keep it protected. Click on Ok. 
  • Remove the USB drive and plug into the new computer. 
  • Open the Outlook application on the new computer. 
  • Click on File, Open & Export, and then click on Import/Export. 
  • Select the option Import From Another Program Or File to import Outlook calendar from the USB drive. Click on Next. 
  • Click on the option Outlook Data File (.PST) followed by a click on Next. 
  • Click on Browse option and then select the file that has the calendar backup on the USB drive. Double Click on the file and then click on Next. 
  • Now you have to click on Calendar and then select the Import Items Into The Same Folder In option. You will also have to select the Email Account for which you are transferring the calendar. 
  • The last step is to click on Finish. 
It would have been a backbreaking process if there were no option that would support Outlook calendar. It is good that Outlook has such features that make our work simple and easy. This is one of the reasons for people to choose Outlook, which is regardless of the number of Outlook problems.
The above steps to transfer Outlook calendar is tested and proved to be one of the easiest methods after testing OmniTech support services.