Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Speed Up Your Windows 7 System

The love and affection that you have for your system will soon vanish when your system starts to run slowly and shows a dip in performance. When the system is brand new and in its early days, the system is fast and efficient and you will be content with it. But as time passes, with tons of files, software’s and applications accumulating, the system is ought to become slower. In addition, some other issues like viruses and insufficient ram issues can also cause your system to perform slowly. By following the below mentioned Windows 7 help tips, you can smoothly and efficiently run you Windows 7 system.

Get Rid Of Programs That You Do Not Use

With tons of programs and apps accumulating, the hard disk gets filled up and can make the system slow. In addition, a majority of the programs that are installed in the system will never be used. So it is advisable to delete those programs and free some space rather than piling up the hard disk with unwanted programs.

Have Limited Programs Run At Startup

When a large number of programs are initiated at startup, it takes a lot of time for Windows to load. So it is advisable to limit the number of programs that load at startup so that Windows can load faster. Disable the unwanted programs and enable only Windows services and few other essentials like security tools at the startup.

Do Not Run All At Once

Running many programs simultaneously or opening many programs together can cause your system to slow down. Only open the required programs and the unwanted programs have to be closed if you want your computer up and running smoothly.

More Memory = Much Faster

Having insufficient memory can cause your system to slow down. The Windows 7 system can run faster if you add more memory and thus running programs will work faster without any hiccups.

Good protection

When the system runs slowly, it causes a lot of trouble for the user and a virus or a malware infection maybe the reason for the system to be running slowly or the dip in performance. So it is essential to have a very good antivirus or anti spyware tool installed on the system and updating the security tools should be done regularly in order to protect your system from the latest threats.
By following these Windows 7 help tips, you can make sure that you are running a fast and efficient Windows 7 PC.