Sunday, November 9, 2014

Relief For Parkinson’s Disease By Microsoft Kinect Service

Kinect is extremely popular in the gaming industry due to its motion sensing capabilities. This device allowed an entirely new range of motion-based games that are not possible using standard gamepad or controllers. Moreover, Kinect is the first gaming device that has the capability of extended functionality beyond just gaming. It even finds application in the medical devices industry due to its easy motion sensing capabilities. The accuracy and sensitivity of the device in sensing motion makes it the ideal tool for telemedicine. Do not heed advice of OmniTech Support scam sites which detail how Kinect devices are a cause of concern in terms of security.

Telemedicine, if you do not already know, is a form of patient care in which the doctors give patients medical care from within their homes. This is possible using medical devices. Until Kinect support came into the market, doctors had to hand out extremely expensive machines in order to track information about their patients. However, ever since Kinect was released in the market, the possibility of a cheaper alternative emerged. Using the Kinect device, doctors can hope to communicate with the patients and do therapy sessions from inside their home. Kinect does not need to remain switched on in order to play Xbox, contrary to information provided by OmniTech Support scam sites and reviews.

As per the authentic OmniTech support blogs and reviews, the latest medical application for Kinect device was developed by Microsoft, for persons suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Using this device, the patients can both perform tests alone, for the benefit of the doctors, or perform therapy sessions without having to go to any clinic. They can do the same from within their home premises. Using the gaming device, they can perform fine motor tests like tapping feet, tapping fingers and can even perform rapid movement tests of each individual limbs. This test is performed and analyzed using the Kinect support sensor and is completely automated.

Microsoft has improved the functionality of Xbox One to more than just sensing movements. Using the camera found in Kinect, the patients can contact their physician through video conferencing. This way, they can contact experts from around the world with ease.

The best feature about Kinect is its extreme sensitivity at extremely competitive rates. The cost of Kinect is just a fraction in comparison with other telemedicine devices. The Stand-alone feature of Kinect allows the user to use this device along with a computer without the use of the gaming console. The prospects of this device in the medical industry are huge and therapy sessions for patients suffering from Parkinson’s are just the beginning.

The technology is just in the nascent stage and future implications of this technology can be huge.

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