Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Voice Chat Without A Windows Live Game

Do you want to chat without using the Windows Live game? Are you in real need of finding some good way to chat with your friends? Here is where you’ll find the relevance of Windows Live chat service. This software helps you chat with your dear ones even if your Windows live games does not include the Live voice chat feature. In recent times there emerged some problems with the feature which is incorporated in the Windows Games package. 

Voice Chat without a Windows Live Game feature

As I mentioned above, Windows Live games have encountered several issues with special reference to its Live voice chat feature. In such an instance, there arises a continuous demand from the users of Windows product for some better chat service. The only requirement from the users is that they should be able to run other chat programs which are outside the Windows Live games. Get windows online support from the technical team to guide you in using Windows live chat service.


  • In order to do voice chat with your companion or dear people during a game play, you need to follow certain steps, as given below:
  • First, play games on the steam network. You will be provided both old and new games. During the game progress, you need to press the Tab key to open up the steam menu. 
  • Now open a chat with any one of your steam friends and click the microphone button. You can chat with your friend on your microphone headset while you play the game. 
  • You can also use some external chat service such as Skype, in order to chat with your friend while playing the Windows games. You should be connected with your friend and begin the chat before minimizing the Window.
  • You can adjust the volume of game and Skype chat program to minimize the interference between the two sources. It also helps you to optimize your game play. 
  • It is also possible to play Windows games by using voice chat program like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. This is because most of these games support the party chat feature. It also provides Windows online support to connect with several people at a time. 
Follow these basic steps to do the voice chat, if you don’t already know how to do it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How To Find The Right Technical Assistance Online

Have you ever imagined how Google comes up with the desired information from thousands of search results with just a single click? When you do an online search, you get a number of sites or web pages that contain the subject you are looking for. Similar is the case with online technical support services. Many claim to be reliable and efficient enough to provide the right assistance. But how sure are you about that? The tremendous growth and profit potential adds to the ever-increasing number of such sites. Here is a comprehensive guide that not only answers your queries but also help to decide whether you should go for such services.
What are your options?
As you are flooded with a wide range of services to select from online, it’s always good to know about the companies which provide such technical support assistance. If you are a person who values your time and money, always consider those reputed companies like Microsoft Support team or similar others before you start a session with them. Many of these companies provide highly skilled and efficient consultants who are able to figure out the exact issue within less time and come up with the right solution. These people make use of the remote access function as well as telephone and chat support.
Don’t be fooled!
Attracted by the immense profit potential, there are lots of budding companies who are just into the business of making money by providing service of dubious helpfulness.There is an alarming increase in the number of blackguards who are putting industries reputation at stake. Most of the time the customer’s money is not returned, thereby inciting them into quitting from the service. 
Rather falling prey to them, look for those reputed companies like Microsoft Support Team which can be easily be found at the top order of the search results. Generally, these companies maintain a separate wing for search engine optimization and maximum care is taken when it comes to posting content on the internet which in turn helps a customer to find them easily. You can expect high quality expertise from them, which is sure a value for your time and money. Payment is done online through PayPal, Moneybookers or some other payment modes.
Finding the right consultant is the key to get a sure fix for your problem. Once you find the right service provider it will be better to stick with them or subscribe to their services which is also the best way to keep stranger technicians away and save yourself from being deceived or looted. 
The above is some information on how the best services can be found online. Make sure you research them well before availing their services.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Steps To Pin To The Taskbar In Windows 7

Unlike the former versions of Windows, Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7 allows the user to pin the program to any area on the taskbar. Windows 7 allows you to:
pin an open program to the Windows 7 taskbar
pin a program from the Start menu to the Windows 7 Taskbar
Quick Launch bar offered in XP and Vista
Follow the tips briefed below to pin a program with ease.

Windows 7 help instructions to pin an open program to the Windows 7 taskbar

Navigate to the location where you have saved your program.
Select the program you intend to pin to your taskbar.
Right click on the active program.
Scroll down the right click dropdown until you find the label that reads Pin this program to taskbar. Now, click on the label that reads the same. You will now find the program pinned on to the taskbar.

How to pin a program from the Start Menu to the Windows 7 Taskbar

Open the Start menu. Click on the Start button placed on the bottom left corner of the Windows home screen. Alternatively, you may use the Start key keyboard shortcut to launch the Start menu. You may also use the keyword combo shortcut Ctrl + Esc to launch the Start menu.
From the program listed on the Start menu, select the program that you want to pin on to your taskbar.
Right click the program that you want to pin on to the taskbar. From the dropdown, select the label that reads Pin to taskbar.
Pin a Program to the Windows 7 Taskbar Using the Click and Drag Method
Find a shortcut that points to the program that you would like to pin to your taskbar.
You will normally find the program shortcuts pinned on the Start menu pop up. Select the program shortcut listed from the pop up.
Click on the program shortcut on the Start menu.
Drag the shortcut on to your Windows 7 taskbar. Now, drop the program on the taskbar. You will now find the program pinned on the taskbar.

Following the tips listed below will help you pin a program on to the task bar in Windows 7. For more assistance and help on the same, feel free to reach us online or offline via our Windows 7 help line 24/7 number.