Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yet Another Microsoft Update Error

It seems that Microsoft cannot get a thing right these days. The problems with the Microsoft Windows update all but caused a riot. Now, there seems to be some problem with the Microsoft Office update 2013. Many users who assumed that the update would fix the problems with their Microsoft software, had to uninstall it and restore the system.

Issue with the new Microsoft Office Update

Microsoft quickly removed the Microsoft Windows update, when the reports started coming in about some problem that was affecting some of the users. They’re apparently doing the same thing with the Microsoft Office Update 2013. This has prompted many users and IT experts to ask whether Microsoft is properly testing their updates before releasing them.

In the case of the MS Office update, it was found that installing the update disabled some of the Windows OS functions. With more and more users reporting the error, Microsoft have quickly realised that there was some error in the update file, which is affecting the Windows OS and chose to withdraw the update from the site.

The update was meant for the new Office 2013 versions – both 32 and 64 bit, Home Office and Student Office RT 2013. The update was supposed to make the interface more user-friendly and fix some of the performance issues in the new Office application.

Though Microsoft claims that they thoroughly test all their updates before releasing them, the reality is different. This is not the first time this has happened. Many Windows users have to reformat their whole system after they updated their system with the new Windows 8 RT update a few months. A recent Microsoft Exchange Server update too created more problems than it was supposed to solve.

All this points to the fact that Microsoft has failed to thoroughly test these updates and identify the technical bugs before they affect the users. Frankly, these updates were supposed to fix the technical bugs already there in the Windows and Office software. They end up creating more problems instead.

One of the Microsoft statements released after this incident talked about a step-by-step release of updates in the future. Making the update available to 1% users the first, 10% the next day and if there are no problems still, 100% the third day. They reckon this way they would be able to spot the problems early on and take the necessary steps to fix them.

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