Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reasons For The 'Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook' Error

Outlook is the famous email program employed both for business as well as personal purposes. All the data that is stored in Outlook is in the form of .PST files and any corruption to these files will cause many Outlook problems including the errors labeled 'cannot start Microsoft Outlook', 'cannot open the Outlook window' or 'Outlook.pst is not an Outlook data'. These errors cannot be fixed by the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool and needs some methods to fix it. Well, here we explain some reasons for this Outlook problem; by knowing the reasons, you will be able to fix these issues very easily.


The PST mailbox that you have created in Outlook is actually a file that is saved on the system's hard drive. Therefore, any issues or troubles occurring in the hard drive will also affect the PST files in the hard drive and will start causing problems. However, to fix the minor issues associated with this, Microsoft has included a utility tool called as Scanpst.Exe. By using this tool, you can fix minor issues associated with Outlook PST file corruption.

Cannot Open Outlook Window issue

There had been various reasons for the error where the Outlook.pst file is preventing users to access the application. This error is commonly seen after updating the Service Pack 2 of Office 2007 suite. However, in case of Outlook 2003 and 2010 issues, it may be because of configuration related issues. In this case, Outlook will be not be allowed to start because of the corruption of Navigation Pane’s configuration file rising to the problem called Cannot Start Outlook.

Reasons for failure of Scanpst.Exe

This is the repair utility employed by many users, if they come across any issues with PST corruption. However, because of certain limitations, this tool will not be that effective; let’s look at the reasons for this.
  • Basically, this utility tool is designed to solve minor problems regarding PST file corruption. However, in case of major problems, this tool will be a failure.
  • If the issue is associated with the body of the file, then there is a little chance for recovery, as the program will support only header corruption recovery.
  • If the issue regarding the PST corruption is not solved by using the utility tool, then it may be because of the increase in the file size of the PST.
These are the basic reasons for the 'Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook' problems. To know more regarding this, contact the Outlook support number.

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