Monday, March 24, 2014

Check If Someone Has Blocked You On Msn Messenger Chat

Many of us use the Windows Live Messenger application to chat with our friends. Formerly known as MSN Messenger, this online messaging application is one of the most widely used services by the users. Developed by Microsoft, Windows Live Messenger is compatible for Windows, Blackberry OS, iOS, etc. The technicians available at the Windows online support can be contacted anytime to troubleshoot and fix the issues related to this instant messaging application.

The best aspect of using Windows Live Messenger is that here, you can decide whom you want to talk with. This means you can text, voice and video-chat with your friends and contacts that you are familiar with. Similarly, you can block those contacts with whom you no longer wish to communicate from contacting you through this messaging service. Thus, Windows Live Messenger also serves as a safe messaging application. Now, sometimes you may also get a feeling that a person would have blocked you but you won’t be sure about it.

You can try the following instructions by the Windows online support to check if someone has blocked you on MSN Messenger chat:
  • The first thing you need to do is to sign in to the Windows Live account from which you believe you’ve been blocked. After signing in, you can scroll through your Contacts list and check if the person you believe blocked you appears Online or not. If you see him online, you haven’t been blocked.
  • Another alternative is to chat with a mutual contact and check if the person you believe blocked you appears online in the mutual contact’s contact list. Here, if he does appear, it means he has blocked you.
  • You can also double-click the person’s name that would be listed in Offline Contacts. Now, try sending him a message. If the message that you send goes through, Windows Live Messenger application would deliver it to your contact the next time he signs in. This would mean that he hasn’t blocked you. But if you receive an error message after sending the message, it would indicate that you cannot communicate with the person. In short, he has blocked you.
By following these steps provided by the Windows support technicians, you would be able to check if someone has blocked you on Windows Live Messenger. For more information on this instant messaging application, please contact our technical support team.

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