Monday, March 24, 2014

Recovering Xbox Live Account Email Address

In case you are not aware, Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service. It was first developed and distributed by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. Xbox LIVE has a long running rivalry with Sony’s PlayStation Network and recently, Nintendo’s Nintendo Network. To avail the Xbox Live service, there are two options available. The Xbox Live service is available as either a free and or a subscription-based service. The free service is known as Xbox Live Free, and the subscription-based is named Xbox Live Gold. It has many features like party chat, video Kinect, avatars, downloadable content, and online multiplayer.

It is possible for you to recover the email address you used to sign up for Xbox Live by using your Xbox console to find your Windows Live ID. This unique Windows LIVE ID allows Xbox LIVE users to access account settings on or even recover their gamer tag to a new console. When you have your email address, you can use it to log into your Windows Live account online. But, if are not able to access or sign in to Xbox Live with your console for retrieving your ID, the Windows Live Help Center then suggests something. You are actually told to try contacting recipients of your previously sent messages to acquire your ID name. Here are the Windows Live help instructions for this.

  • At first, you need to turn on your Xbox console and then sign into Xbox Live.
  • Then you need to press the Power button in the center of our controller to bring up your Xbox Guide window.
  • After that, click to the right with the four-way directional button until you reach the Settings tab.
  • Then you need to select Account Management by highlighting it and pressing A.
  • Click to the right twice to reach the Your Information tab.
  • Then select Windows Live ID to view your current email ID. The email address will be on the right side.
So, now you can view your current email ID. Xbox Live users, now you can use this ID to access account settings on or your gamer tag or as mentioned earlier, use it to log into your Windows Live.

If you need further clarification or you need to know more on this topic or any other related ones, you can get Windows live help information from the official Xbox website, and get to know more about your Xbox related issues.

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