Friday, October 4, 2013

Use Microsoft Works To Create A Phone Directory

It must be really boring and frustrating, having to go through a thick set of pages on your phone book to find a phone number from it. Why take so much trouble when you can come home to the digital world and simply do away with paper copies and make use of the digital database, which can be quickly and easily traversed.
Microsoft Works can be used to make a database of the names, numbers and other details of your family, your friends and the companies that you often contact. If you still insist on having a hard copy, just print it onto paper and bind it in a book. Microsoft Works includes a Word processor, a spreadsheet and a database management system, which lets you create and keep useful information. Here are some Microsoft help guidelines that’ll help you with the process.

  • Switch on the PC and run the Microsoft Works Task Launcher program. Go to Templates and then choose the Home & Money option from the menu bar, located towards the left of the page.
  • Select the Home Lists option from the list that appears at the right. For selecting the template to use, select the option Member Directory. Choose the Use This Style option, or just double click on the icon and it’ll open a new template for you.
  • Press the CTRL + F9 key combination and the form designer opens up. Double-click the title and rename it as Phone Directory, or feel free to be more specific. Alter the remaining subtitles on the page until you are absolutely satisfied with the results.
  • Hit the F9 button to get back to the data form. Enter the names, phone numbers, and all other details in the respective categories and fields provided.
  • Hit the Tab button to keep moving from one record to another, and through the directory. Keep going till you are done with the whole phone list.
  • Print the directory you just made on regular copy paper, and don’t forget to save it on the PC so that you can print it again if you misplace the phonebook. 
These above mentioned instructions should help you in making a phone directory with Microsoft Works. If you have further doubts on this, get in touch with the Microsoft help team.

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