Friday, October 4, 2013

Fix Issues With Saving Appointments In Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook isn’t just an email managing application, but it doubles as a personal data manager, using which you can streamline your day-to-day activities. Outlook has got many useful features like calendar, task manager, contacts manager, notes, journals etc intended to provide the users with a wonderful experience.

However, you might find yourself in a difficult situation when such an application meant to assist and ensure your productivity fails. One such issue that you might encounter while using Microsoft Outlook is the problem with saving an appointment in Outlook calendar. One must take utmost care while trying to correct such an issue, as any alteration to the essential files and their attributes in Outlook can adversely affect the program. Often it is found that the missing characters in the programming is responsible for not permitting to save a new appointment.

The below mentioned Microsoft tech support guidelines will help you fix issues with saving appointments in Outlook calendar.

  • Go to the Start menu located at the bottom left corner on your Windows taskbar and select the option Run. This will bring up the Run command box. Type adsiedit.msc into the text field and click the OK button. 
  • Go to the new ADSIEDIT window and click on Domains to expand it. Further expand "dc=domain,dc=com" and the OU (abbreviation for Organizational Unit) of the user the Outlook problem is affecting.
  • Locate the text "CN=Full name" of the user and right-click on it. From the popup menu, select the option Properties. 
  • From the Properties window, click on the Attributes list and further choose "legacyExchangeDN". Now click on Edit. 
  • Check whether you have the value to be exactly as this: "/o=OrganizationName/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=username." The error in being unable to save a new appointment is typically caused by a missing "/cn" before "username."
  • Once you have confirmed that everything is in place, click OK and again click OK to close the ADSIEDIT window. 
  • Now relaunch Microsoft Outlook on your computer and try to save a new appointment on the calendar. Check to see if the error has been rectified. 
Numerous Outlook repair tools are available to help you fix various issues with your Microsoft Outlook application. If nothing works, you always have the option to contact the Outlook Support team or visit the Microsoft Tech Support Center and seek further help.

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