Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How To Troubleshoot A Slow DSL Connection

If you are a frequent user of the internet, you might know the perils of a slow internet connection. If you are performing a task which needs to be completed within a specific time, a slow internet connection can cause much trouble. You may get frustrated with the DSL connection you have, and find it difficult to complete your tasks on time.  Let us check the different methods that can be used to speed up the internet connection.

  • Turn off your computer. Now you can unplug the connection to the DSL modem for a few minutes. You can now restart your computer and connect the modem once again. Resetting the modem can abolish the static on the line and also remove the noise that would have been created in the connection, which are major factors responsible for a slow internet connection.
  • You can remove all other devices that are connected to the phone lines. Such devices include answering machines, fax machines and phones. All these can create static on the line, which will result in the slowing down of the internet connection.
  • You can contact your Internet Service Provider. The issue would sometimes be a mild one, about which you may not have any idea. Even storms can cause problems with the internet connection. If the power gets cut off due to a storm, it will definitely affect the DSL equipment. You can enquire whether the modem that you possess has filters which can screen noises. There might also be issues with the telephone lines. In such cases, the telephone company should fix the issue.
  • You can check your modem. Normally we check the internet connection through the different signal lights that come from it. There is a series of lights that represents different parts of the modem.  You can contact your Internet Service Provider, who would perform a remote test and verify that your modem is receiving signals correctly. If not, they will provide proper guidance to solve the issue on your own.
  • If your computer has viruses or spyware infection, your internet connection may get affected. You can use the antivirus installed on your system to check for viruses or malware infections. Your Internet Service provider can assist you with finding out the presence of virus or spyware activity on your computer.
After executing the above mentioned steps, if you still have a slow internet connection, contact your Internet Service provider and seek assistance from them.

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