Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting To Know Scam Support Services

There are online scams of different varieties. If you have been using emails for a long while, you must have come across the Nigerian prince scam which became notorious not too long ago. To refresh your memory, here’s what happened: Tons of scam email were sent to users in which the scammer addresses himself as a Nigerian King who wants to transfer Millions of dollars in online fund transfer while he can still afford to do so.

While most users instantly recognize it as fraudulent, certain gullible users go forth and reply. These users are then hoodwinked into giving their online banking account details. The conversation would then stop and the innocent user will later come to know all his savings have now been robbed. This scam, ridiculous to the point of hilarity, worked because tons of people were hoodwinked into revealing their passwords and other personal information.

Over the years, online scams have become even more difficult to catch and have become more difficult to catch. Many legitimate tech support services like OmniTech Support receive various complaints from users who were fooled by actual scam sites that tricked them into installing malware. Some time ago, there were several online scams that would cold-call random users falsely identifying as “Microsoft employees” and inform them that their computers were infected with virus and needs to be repaired. Gullible users will then panic and do everything that the person says, spoiling their computer even further. They would make the user install some sort of virus and then ask ransom in order to remove it again!

There are several ways where tricksters scam you into extorting your hard earned money. While some twist your arm into paying needlessly, several others hoodwink you into thinking the exorbitant price is worth the service rendered! One such service is tech support service that wrecks your computer and then extorts money in promise of repairing it. The repair price would be extra-ordinarily high in comparison to professional service providers like OmniTech Support and will be unaffordable for most.

Beware of scammers and their schemes by keeping your eyes open at all times. They will try and hoodwink you any chance they get, so it is better to keep your guards up. Be on the lookout for any lie and never blindly believe any person that comes and contacts you for anything related to your computer and especially your online banking details. It is better not to benefit from any suspicious “deals” than lose everything you have earned over the years.

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