Monday, September 1, 2014

Windows XP Support Ends Yet You See Many Users Clinging On To It

We all know by now that Windows XP is no more supported by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. This means that the 13-year-old operating system will not be receiving any security updates, hotfixes, patches, or Windows tech support either free or paid.

Microsoft has been intending to do this for many years now. But, the software giant could not go ahead with the plans because of the huge number of Windows XP users in the market. Windows XP survived thirteen long years. This is by far the longest period of support enjoyed by any Microsoft product.

There are many reasons why XP reigned supreme from so many years in the software universe. Here are the three main reasons for that.


Windows XP is so familiar that when we think of an operating system, you tend to picture the interface of XP at first. It supports a wide range of applications to make the user experience much better. Windows XP was undoubtedly the most popular operating system of the last decade. In fact, Windows XP ruled the market until Windows 7 took over.

Windows Vista a horrendous OS

If Windows XP reached the pinnacle, Windows Vista was the nadir of Microsoft’s operating system development history. No words can adequately describe what went wrong with Vista. There was so much hype with it, but the software delivered very little. It was probably the success of Windows XP, which in some way caused Vista to bomb big time. With the failure of Windows Vista, Windows XP’s market share remained at the top.

Products compatible with Windows XP
As Windows XP dominated the major operating system for about a decade, many software products were specifically developed to be compatible with the platform. And so, many small business software products are only compatible with Windows XP. This is why many SMBs are stilling continuing with Windows XP.

Whatever the reason for not migrating to newer Windows operating systems be, with no official Windows tech support and security updates available, Windows XP users are actually taking a huge risk. Even before the end of support, Windows XP was the most targeted operating system. So, you can imagine the kind of bombardment your XP powered system will have to face in the future.

It is best to migrate to advanced, superior, and feature-packed operating systems like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. You will surely get more to enjoy with such metro-ized operating systems.

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