Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GoToMeeting App For Windows 8 OS

You may have heard of or even used the GoToMeeting app by Citrix. With the help of this app on your smartphone, you will be able to start a meeting or join one from anywhere in the world. This app is available as a free download from the Windows store and the app now has a major update that, from its looks, seems to be the biggest overhaul that this app has received since day one. This article discusses the latest updates and features to the GoToMeeting app in detail. You can read ahead to know more on this app.

The users will be able to download this free app to join or state a meeting in seconds. The users will be able to view and present slide presentations, design spreadsheets, mockups, reports whatever the meeting presenters choose to share onscreen and then communicate over the built in Internet phone or audio conference. Many new features are now made available inside the app. This has been made possible with the feedback that was coming straight from the users of the app themselves.

With the latest updates, the users of the GoToMeeting app will be able to schedule meetings; regular users of GoToMeeting will now be able to invite others to their meetings through social networks, email messages, pin meetings to the Start screen, chat with other participants etc. The list of newly added features to the GoToMeeting app is large. Attendees of GoToWebinar will now be able to raise their hand to participate in polls and other question and answer sessions.

In addition, the latest update that is available on the Windows 8 Store brings the following, “The following new features have been added – Presenters: now you can share the following content directly from your Windows Tablet; a file from your device or another app such as Sharefile, Dropbox or OneDrive; share a browser; share the whiteboard.” If you wish to know more on the latest features and updates to the GoToMeeting app for Windows 8 operating system, you can contact the Windows support number. The support technician will be able to inform you more on the Windows 8 features of the GotoMeeting app.

You may also visit the official website of GoToMeeting app to know more on the Windows 8 features of the app that is available as a free download in the Windows Store.

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