Sunday, January 26, 2014

Controlling User Account Controls In Windows 7

The latest two versions of the Windows operating systems; Windows 7 and Windows Vista, released by Microsoft, contained high-level advanced security features as compared to previous releases like Windows XP or Windows 2000. The earlier version treated every user of the system as an administrator by default. However, this is modified in the latter versions allowing only one user profile to hold administrative control over the system. Still, Windows 7 and Windows Vista have a utility called the User Account Control, which allows users to elevate permissions if required or prompted. Windows 7 has Windows support, so that you can control the behavior of the UAC, and do not get prompts for permissions. Use the following instructions to make the necessary changes in UAC.

  • Start your Windows 7 powered computer and log in to your profile as you would normally. Once your desktop appears, check if any background application is running. Close these applications immediately.
  • On the lower left corner of your desktop, you will notice a Windows Start orb. Click on this orb to open the Start menu. In the top right of the Start menu, you will see your profile’s picture. Click on this account picture to open a window from where you can make changes in your user account profile. Now select the option labeled as Change User Account Control Settings.
  • Now keep an eye out for the User Account Control options slider. The user Account Control’s default option is to notify you only when the programs try to modify some aspect in your system’s configuration. This also notifies the user when a new program is getting installed on the system. There is an option below that does the same thing, but dims your desktop in the process. There is another option at the bottom of the list which completely eliminates any prompts for permissions. This is labeled as the Never Notify option. So move the slider to the bottom of the options window.
  • Click on OK. The User Account Control may prompt you to confirm your action once more, and the ask you to reboot the system. Do this, and the reboot process saves these applied changes to your system.
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