Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Set Up A New E-Mail In MS Outlook?

Microsoft’s free information managing program MS Outlook over the years, acquired an immense popularity among business individuals and professionals. This email management program comes with several additional features such as junk email filtering, distribution list etc. This article details the guidelines for configuring a new e-mail account in MS Outlook. The procedure to accomplish the same is not that much complicated as you may think and can be performed with the help of application’s “Add Account” function.

Instructions to follow

  • Open Microsoft Outlook application by double-clicking the desired shortcut icon on the computer desktop interface.
  • Now access the File tab from the program’s quick access menu.
  • Click on the Add Account button under the Account Information section.
  • Now you can view a new window with the following boxes: email address, username, and password.  Here you have to input the account username, complete email address and password in the respective fields. When done, click Next. Now the Outlook program will automatically configure the email account using the account information that you have provided.

Once the automatic configuration procedure gets completed, you can view a pop-up message on the screen indicating that the account is configured successfully. However, if the program fails to configure the account automatically, then you may need to do it manually.

Changes to be done in the Outlook settings 

For manually configuring the email account in MS Outlook, you’ll require the incoming and outgoing server addresses. Normally this server information is offered by the Email service provider.

  • Click on the button that reads Manually Configure Server Settings.
  • Now from the newly displayed Outlook Settings window, choose the tab labeled Advanced Settings.
  • Next, you need to enter the incoming and outgoing email addresses provided by your service provider in the given field.
  • Similarly, enter your account username and password in the respective log-in information fields. When done, hit on the Finish tab. Outlook automatically implements the changes that you have made. Add the email account when you launch the MS Outlook program next time. Once you finish the entire set up, click on the close tab to exit the MS Outlook program.

In the event of any error messages while trying to configure a new e-mail account in Outlook, feel free to call up the Microsoft Help team to troubleshoot the same.

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