Monday, April 21, 2014

Try Removing Yahoo Search Bar From Mozilla Firefox

Yahoo does not require any kind of introduction as it is one of the most popular names that we have been hearing across a decade. Yahoo search engine or email client provides us with other utilities and to name them, there are a lot. In order to help you to access Yahoo utilities quickly, Yahoo has offered its toolbar, which we call as Yahoo toolbar.

Yahoo toolbar could be added to your web browser quite easily no matter whether it is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The toolbar when installed gets attached to your web browser, you will definitely find it easy to access Yahoo search engine and other related sites of Yahoo from the toolbar. This is mostly helpful if you are a frequent user of Yahoo sites.

But what if you do not access Yahoo sites most often and if you have accidentally installed it? Well, you can remove Yahoo toolbar, because Yahoo site may use up more of your screen space leaving very little space for you to view your web page. Normally you find search bars of Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Creative Commons and Answers. You can definitely manage the search bars or even try to remove Yahoo toolbar from your web browser.

Let us follow the different set of instructions that you need to follow.

  • You can open Mozilla Firefox on your computer. 
  • You will find a search box in it and it will be small. You will find a small arrow next to it. The search box is located on top right of the window. You will find a drop down menu from which you can select Manage Search Engines. 
  • You can choose Yahoo to keep it highlighted. On right side of the window pane, you can choose Remove and this will help you to delete Yahoo completely from the list. If you are not sure about uninstalling the same from your web browser, you can anyway choose the search bar that you wish to see on the web browser. 
  • Now select OK and this will apply the changes that you have made. 
The above steps will definitely remove Yahoo toolbar from your web browser. The above instructions are simple enough, and you can definitely follow the same for successful removal of the toolbar from your web browser.

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