Thursday, December 20, 2012

Equip Windows Media Player With .Amz MP3 Support

Windows media player is a multimedia player that comes along with the Windows operating system. It’s designed to play files of different audio and video formats.  However, in order to play the music acquired from Amazon a different format will have to be used in this player, which is known to be the “.Amz” Mp3 format. Just like other players in the market, Amazon also knows that Windows media player is the one that’s liked and used by many computer users across the world. This forced Amazon to release a free program that is capable of converting the tracks purchased from it to the .AMZ file format that’s compatible with the Windows Media Player. A user doesn’t have to buy third party software to do this job as the program designed by the Amazon is considered to be the best. The following instructions shaped up by the Windows online support and research panel will equip your Windows media player with the required file format.


For previously downloaded Amazon MP3s
Bring on the Windows Media Player from the startup menu and access the "File" tab.
Then go for the "Open" or "Open folder" tab.
Enter the words "Amazon MP3" in to the search box and pick out the folder with the title "Amazon MP3".
Now just open up the folder and click on the particular track that you wish to hear on your Windows media player.
For future Amazon MP3 purchases
Get the “Amazon MP3 Downloader” by going to the "Resources" menu in a Windows installed computer.
Type in the Amazon account credentials and log in to the account.
Now enter the name of the artist or band or may be the song’s name that you wish to hear and download.  Later get to the "Buy Album" or "Buy MP3" tabs to attain the songs that you require.
Hang around until the Amazon downloader finishes the task and then bring on the “Windows Media player”.
Now scroll to the library of your Widows media player to play the track or tracks that you’ve downloaded just now.
Windows media player is a treat to all the music lovers so is the support structure put in place for the average user of Microsoft products. Windows online support panel is equipped to resolve all the issues in a Windows media player, so just drop a call to avail assistance to fix your WMP.

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